Monday, April 24, 2006


Well this is it. Tammie and I have decided that its time to go home. Its a sad day but we have plenty of great memories. And what would any farewell be without having a farewell party. It was a tough choice, but we decided to say goodbye in style at Clapham Tandoori. The guys there had looked after us so well for so long, it would have been technically illegal for us to have our farewell dinner elsewhere. Thanks to everybody who came along to our farewell and to all the people who we have shared our time with over the past 2 years or so.

Friday, April 21, 2006

London - The End is the Beginning is The End?

Here we are back in London - 50 days, 17 countries and 26 cities later, and I thought it might be prudent to provide an overview of the trip.

Visit the interactive map

Favourite Airline: This is a tough one - for cost and number of destinations I really can't go past easyJet.
Favourite Public Transport (inter-city): This is based on price and quality of service. On these criteria, France misses out as their trains are too expensive although nice. The trains between Bulgaria and the Czech Republic are very nice and cheap too, but the leader would have to be Greece as the new train line to Thessolaniki was great, fast and cheap.
Favourite People: Everybody in Europe is great, but the good people of Finland should probably get the award as they were definitely the most helpful - we only had to look slightly confused and several people would be offering their help.
Funniest Moment: Whilst Tammie not being able to wake up due to a hangover on day 1 was pretty funny for me, the winner has to be the kids on Naxos practicing their English on us.
Favourite Country: Greece - if only for the food :p

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Days 48-49

The drive across to Edinburgh was short and sweet. Luckily we have some very nice friends here who were kind enough to let us stay with them for a couple of days. So thanks Graeme and Clare!! Walking around the city made Tammie and I question why we were only getting up to Scotland now. We really should have come up previously so we could have seen more. But alas it wasn't to be.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Glasgow, Scotland

Days 46-47

Finally back on UK soil - just, I thought for a minute that Immigration wasn't going to let us back in, but then again who could turn away such a pretty face as mine :p First stop was Rowallan Castle. For those who don't know (and I am guessing that is most of you) this is the Muir (or Mure) family castle - the Mures of Rowallan. Apparently there is some relation to royalty there, via Robert of Bruce. Anyway it just happened to be on the way from Prestwick Airport to Glasgow. Good excuse for a side trip. As a result Tammie had to follow me around as I rediscovered my Scottish roots and purchased anything emblazoned with the Muir family name, crest or tartan. Oh we also did some sightseeing! Glasgow University is very impressive! And you have to love a Scottish accent. Its so chumpy you can carve it!

This is the entrance to the castle - unfortunately it is apparently privately owned so I can only really show you the gatehouse.

What the hell! Its Sydney in Glasgow!! Someone should sue.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oslo, Norway

Days 44-45

Spent most of our time just walking around Oslo. We were staying just around the corner from the the palace. We walked down town and laughed to ourselves heartily re the McKylling burger. We also took a stroll around the park with the Stages of Life statues. Other than that we just took it very easy.